What Muskego Needs Most

Ever since the exodus of Dandilion Park, Muskego has functioned as a “bedroom community.” Locals travel out of town for work, entertainment, and often, church.

Times are changing and people are looking for community more than ever before.  The newest parks always have people; the one coffee shop is always crowded; Muskego Fest and Jammin’ on Janesville draws nearly every resident!  God wants His church to join in on the fun, creating the relational connections Muskego so desperately needs.

In the course of supplying a sense of “home church” and “home town” for the residents of Muskego, I believe we are uniquely positioned to do this at a multi-generational level.  Our present and prior “did church” in such a way that younger families can receive, without excluding the older.  When meeting with the Muskego Mayor last week, she bemoaned the fact that they are having difficulty retaining young families.  I think we can help turn that trend around.

We will be a Church where each generation learns how to serve and exchange their gifting with the other.  Home for one of us means it will be a home for all of us.


3 responses to “What Muskego Needs Most

  1. “home for one, home for all”
    i like that!

  2. Brian, I am presently in Germany and had lunch with Laurie on Friday in Klone. It was so good to see her and catch up on things. She told me all about the plant and how excited you were. Great to see what God is going in your life. Blessings, Steve

  3. Thanks Steve! Wish I could be there too!

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