Churches Matter

Last weekend I was visiting a prior church where I had been a pastor.  I had the opportunity to share with people the exciting news about the new church plant in Muskego, and share life with some people who’ve made a major impact in my life.

There was one gentlemen surprisingly touched by the story of what God is doing through Brooklife.  I always new him to be a nice man, but I also knew him as a secular humanist.  Faith wasn’t his thing, and neither was church.  While playing a pastoral role in this church, his wife would visit me weekly to share her ongoing prayer battle for the faith of her husband.  I joined her in her prayers, and always delighted when her husband would attend a holiday service or social event at the church.

Would you believe that after sharing what the Muskego Church will be about, he got up quickly, handed me a check, and said, “I want to be a part of your support team.”  After a decade of prayer from his wife and this local church, he had given his faith and life over to Jesus.

The first check deposited to the new church is from a secular humanist turned Christian.  May many more like him be served as new churches are planted.


One response to “Churches Matter

  1. thanks for the witness brian, great story.

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