Moves we need to make toward Movement

Dave Ferguson shared some thoughts on changes and consistencies that he believes the Newthing Network needs to uphold.

Moves we need to make toward Movement

  1. Move from Christian to Church Planter.  Have the mentality that every Christian is a church planter
  2. Move from relational to regional.  Although relationships help, regardless of how spread out you are, there are a ton of new opportunities produced by initiating and maintaining relationships with those in close proximity to you.
  3. Move from national to global.  There are tons of international planting opportunities in front of us.
  4. Move from resources to accessible resources.  We need consistent accessible content – great stuff that needs a platform to be shared.  Need a tool where we all can post our content.
  5. Move from centralized leadership to decentralized leadership.  Dave’s vision is to give much leadership of Newthing over to other churches, rather than having Community Christian Church as the centralizing figure.

Things that need to stay the same 

  1. Relationships
  2. Reproducing
  3. Residencies (residencies lead to church planters which lead to networks which lead to movements).  The goal is one leadership resident, per site, per year.  Set the bar high though – the top 5% cream of the crop is where you want to spend your time.
  4. Resources

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