Rick Rusaw on Making Missional Practical

Key Questions to Ask:

  1. Ask, “Are we the best church for our community?” not “Are we the best church in our community.”
  2. “If our church was ripped from this community, would anyone care?”

Alan Nelson Research

  1. Mega Campuses/Buildings will diminish, but not Mega Ministries.  The highest percentage of resources won’t be directed to Sunday mornings.
  2. Diminishing Christian Orientation in culture.
  3. Simplifying and Focusing Ministries.  Less is more.  
  4. Outreach through service.
  5. Macro and Micro.
  6. Decentralized Training.  People will find what they need when the need it.
  7. Shared usage of physical assets.  Partnering with others.
  8. Family Ministry Emphasis.  Parent empowerment rather than teaching kids.


Research says you get 1,000 marketing messages in a day.  It’s 5,000 in metro areas.  Marketing is designed to create discontentment, that you have something missing. Marketing as a church is good, but you need to know that there are many competitors.

It’s tough to beet relationships when it comes to influence.  If they know you, they trust you.  If they don’t, you’re easily dismissed.

When you are in their house, you play by their rules.  When they are in our house, it’s our rules.

Get people doing something, not just being filled.  Being full with nothing to do makes you grouchy.

Rick asks everyone at Life Bridge to serve somewhere.  Doesn’t matter if it’s in church or out, but they do expect people to give of themselves for the good of another.  If all the opportunities mentioned are church-side then you put a ceiling on service.

Partner with Other Entities

If you wait to partner with others who believe exactly like you do, you’ll never have any partnerships.

Partnerships need to be defined by people who care about what you care about.  In other words, people of good faith can partner with people of good will.  Morally positive and spiritually neutral partners are great.


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