Mike Breen on Discipleship and Leadership

Jesus led people by starting with invitation and ending with challenge.  You need both.  Having neither is boredom.  Having just invitation becomes rather consumer – which Mike suggests is most churches.  Having just challenge is burnout – which Mike suggests is most church workers.  Having invitation and challenge together is discipleship.  It’s covenant and commissioning; mission and community.

Mike’s team suggests the following leadership development pipeline.  Recruitment à Training à Sending à Reviewing.  He also suggests 8, and no more than 12 is best… Jesus only had 12, one was a failure, and a couple were nor so good.  If you disciple 8, who disciple 6, who disciple 4, that comes out to 248 disciples – a stirring of a new church.

Training leaders does not work without apprenticeship.  You need Information, then Imitation, and then Innovation.  Sermons typically give people information, and then leave them to innovate their application.  It’s not going to come together without imitation – a time which someone says to them, “Follow me.  Do it my way for a while.  Learn from me.  Do it your way later.”


3 responses to “Mike Breen on Discipleship and Leadership

  1. Great stuff, Brian. Thanks for sharing Breen’s insights.

  2. Who needs to go to Exponential when we can just read your blog!

  3. Just trying to keep you thinking Joe!

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