Dave Rhodes on Starting Teen Missional Communities

Student ministries typically teach kids to turn to God and away from the world.  We need to be turning them to the world but only by going through Jesus first.  That would create a healthy Christ following adult.  That would fix the 50% faith drop out rate amongst teens in college.

Is your student ministry shooting for substance or relevance?  Substance is like a candy cane – no one likes it but you choke it down in the right season.  Relevance is like bubble gum – tastes great but doesn’t last long.  Combining substance and relevance consistently is incarnation – helping our teens live out faith in the world of everyday life.  

Participation is greater than excellence.  Better than having the best content and direction for your students is giving every student something to do.  Let a student teach one night, and notice how many more teens show up that night.  Make sure they know they know their serving place in everyday life, not just in the church.  They need a mission.  They need a cause.

Getting your kids on mission is crucial, but you need to get them discipled as well.  Don’t set them up to have a cause but no clue.  Get them digging into scripture, making observations, asking questions, discerning their Biblical path.


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