Lakepoint: Outreach, Discipleship, and Everything That Comes Together To Make Us A Church

At last Sunday’s Launch Community Gathering, I laid out the full diagram of how we’re going to do church at Lakepoint.

You may have been asking, “Where’s my small group?”  It’s all there, just spread out a little differently.  At the end of the day our desired outcomes in outreach and discipleship is just like any other church.  Our structure just comes off differently because we’ve made relational outreach a non-negotiable activity for everyone seeking to grow with Lakepoint.  Lost people matter.  It’s worth structuring a church around what the unchurched need.

Your involvement in Lakepoint will have three components: Sunday Services (4x/month), Missional Communities (2x/month), Everyday Circles (2x/month or more).  Well, Serving Teams are a fourth, but that’s mostly under Sunday Services.

Sunday Services are where you’ll get your worship, teaching, and celebration.

Missional Communities are where you’ll get your leadership development and small group experience.  Format will be a lot like Launch Gatherings: 30 min food & fun, 30 min teaching/leadership/story sharing with the point leader, 60 min breakout discussion time (using normal small group study questions + a few questions more pointed at your Everyday Circle involvement and personal discipleship).  Your breakout discussion will be most/all of the people from your Everyday Circle.

Everyday Circles are where you’re going live out your faith and outreach in the course of everyday life.

This actually simplifies your life.  You don’t have to sign up for an outreach, you’re already in one through your social circles of everyday life.  You don’t have to join a small group… the people from your Everyday Circle become that for you at Missional Community Gatherings.  The stories shared on Sunday match what you lived out in the week.  It may look like more layers to follow than you’re used to, but get in the thick of it and you’ll experience greater overlap and consistency than ever before.

The big point that can’t be lost is that we need to orient ourselves toward the lost.  Jesus put the 99 on hold to reach 1 (Luke 15).  We’re going to do a knock-out job of growing our church and the people who turn to us.  However, my understanding of Biblical priorities is that we need to be defined as much or more so by what we do for a world that is still in need of Jesus.


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