Getting Ahead On Sunday Prep

Just read The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson, and Eric Bramlett.  Great book on keeping a central theme to Sunday morning experiences at churches.  What I found particularly helpful was there outline for prepping Sunday Services well in advance.  Here’s the short of it…  

One Year Out: Series Schedule

Calendar listing of where we are going for the year.  Host a large brainstorming meeting leading into this, and then the lead boils it down to the schedule.

Thirteen Weeks Out: Big Idea Graphs

Write-up on the Big Idea is distributed so all arts, teaching, and small group teams can begin personal brainstorming.

Nine Weeks Out:  Creative Planning

Services get planned nine weeks out.  They have a weekly meeting, for two hours, separated by children, student, and adult services.

Five Weeks Out: Reality Check

Are we able to pull of the props, videos, and other elements we planned?

Three Weeks Out: Teaching Team Meeting

Brainstorm teaching material and outline, with one-week assignments to manuscript.  Small Group Discussion writing is commissioned at this time as well.

Two Weeks Out: Due Date

Manuscript and creative elements are due.  PPT & visual enhancements to follow.


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