Joe McFadden: Your Source for Missional Homework

Joe McFadden and I worked together in leading small group ministries at Brooklife Church, Mukwonago.  As I’m in a transition toward church planting with Lakepoint, Joe has continued on with Brooklife Groups.

What impresses me most about Joe is his tenacity to do his homework on the the missional shifts of the church landscape. There’s plenty of innovative ways in which churches are exploring how to spread the kingdom of God.  If you want to keep up on the latest of such creativity, keep up with Joe.

He’s got a blog where he posts his latest research.  Visit it, subscribe to it, add your comments to it.

Thanks for doing the homework for all of us Joe!


One response to “Joe McFadden: Your Source for Missional Homework

  1. God has gifted Joe McFadden with a humble, caring, sharing heart and he is an excellent listener. When Joe tells you he is going to pray about your group or some specific issue you know he is already in the process of speaking to God.
    Joe is also a loving husband and dad.
    It has been a pleasure to watch Joe and his family grow closer in Christ’s Spirit since he first walked into a service at Brooklife only a few years ago.
    Thank you LORD for giving us Joe and his family – we can all learn from them and Joe is ready to encourage and share God’s WORD.

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