Preaching Rocket – Soul City – Knowing What You’re Preaching For

I attended a Preaching Rocket Seminar last week.  It was really good food for thought for those in teaching roles at the church.  Here’s the first of three posts I’ll do on the notes.

What are you Preaching For?

We all know who we’re preaching for, but what are we preaching for?  Some preach for information (understanding), some invitation (response on the spot), other inspiration (motivated direction).

This is an important philosophy to nail down.  Focus on what you want to come out of your sermon, not what you want to put into your sermon.

  • What do you want people to know?
  • What do you want to people to do?
  • Most importantly, you need to know who God wants you to be as a teacher.
  • A sermon is a push, not a point.  A sermon isn’t likely to be the blockbuster source of change, but it can push people toward the changes that God is fostering in them from multiple directions.

Soul City Church’s Teaching Outline

  1. Emotional Connection: The soul needs to connect to something.  People aren’t great at information intake.  We need to find emotional resonance with the core of who they are.  Hopefully this comes naturally – it shows when you’re trying to hard. 
  2. Uncovered Tension: Show them what’s behind the emotional need.  Insightfully uncover the source.  This is where you introduce the point – the one thing you’re going to bring to life for the remainder of the talk.  Make it simple.  Make it memorable.
  3. Biblical Direction: What’s the divine backing for the point we’ve made.  People need to know that what we’re teaching has God’s credibility and approval.
  4. Real World Translation:  Based on what God did/said then, what does that mean for us?  What does that look like now?
  5. Helpful Vision:  Bring out the stories.  What you’ve seen God do.  What he’s done through you.  What he’s done through others.
  6. Next Step Application: Come up with reoccurring terminology for the next step moment – “Homework,”  “Take-Out,”  “Application.”  What’s the one thing we’re all going to do together before next week.  Do it as a pastor – bring your experience back next week, blog it, post it, etc…

3 responses to “Preaching Rocket – Soul City – Knowing What You’re Preaching For

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Brian. I wasn’t able to make it, but one of our staff members did attend and said it was great. I look forward to learning from your notes in the days ahead. Praying for Lake Point’s launch!

  2. Thanks so much Matt. It was good seminar. I’d probably pay for the Preaching Rocket ongoing services if I was in a place to camp more on my teaching preparation. So many hats to wear right now!

  3. Good information for anyone in a teaching situation.
    Many are praying for Lakepoint and what God will do in the Muskego area. It will be fun to watch the new blossoms and growth that will come from sharing His Word and the Holy Spirit shiining through the group.
    We are also praying for your family and the others who are helping to facilitate this wonderful new adventure.
    Brian, remember to breath and let the LORD carry you through.
    Thank you for continuing to share with all of us. km

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