Connection (Not Information) – The Essential Ingredient of a Great Sermon


  • What do they need to do?
    • Simple Messages Connect.  What’s the one thing you want them to do?  You have 1.5 seconds to make a billboard impression.  For example, Chick-Fila is: Eat More Chicken.
    • People don’t need more information.  People need their lives changed.  Your goal is not to get people to think you know something, your goal is to lead them to change.
    • Don’t just say it, show it.  This is why a one-point sermon does in fact require some time to deliver, and is very effective.  Every 10 minutes the brain asks, “When is this going to be over?”  You need props and illustrations every 10 minutes to bring them back.
  • What does my audience currently think, and what do I want them to think?  
    • Begin your message where they live.  What matters in their minds?  What do they interact with?  What’s their reality?
    • We no longer live in the Information Age.  We live in the Attention Economy.
  • Why am I the one to communicate this?
    • The message needs to change you before it can change them.
    • You are the message.  It’s Jesus in your life that becomes the message.  Leverage your life experiences.
    • One of your goals in the first five minutes is to have them think, “I like this guy.”  It’s not being self-serving; people aren’t willing to be challenged by those they don’t know or like.
    • When crafting your introduction, assume the worst.  Picture your audience as adult high school students: you’ve got 30 seconds to catch them or lose them.

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