Stuart Briscoe

Stuart Briscoe will be speaking at Lakepoint Church this Sunday, December 2.

Stuart has played and indispensible role in my life and pursuit of Jesus.  Shortly after actively placing my faith in Jesus at age 14, I started bringing my Bible, notebook, and highlighter into the Elmbrook Church services, soaking in whatever Stuart had to teach that morning.  Not only did I learn how to pursue God to the fullest in my life; I also learned from Stuart how to read the Bible on my own and further my growth personally.

By the age of 17, Stuart had gotten wind of the kid in the audience who saw him as a role model, and kindly took me out for lunch one day.

After asking all sorts of questions and listening to my story, Stuart asked, “Have you ever considered becoming a pastor?”

“Nope,” was my concise reply.

“Well you should think about it,” was what he left me with.

I did think about it.  Then prayed about it; then I began my trek to becoming a pastor.

Today as Pastor of Lakepoint Church, I can share with certain conviction that I would not be where I am had Stuart Briscoe not steered me in this direction 16 years ago.

With great thanks we welcome Stuart to share a message on “Getting Ready for Christmas” with Lakepoint Church, the community of Muskego, and surrounding residents.

Stuart Briscoe is a Minister at Large for Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, after decades in their Senior Pastor role. He’s an international speaker through Telling the Truth Ministries.

Lakepoint Services on December 2 are at 10 am, located at the Performing Art Center of Muskego High School (W183S8750 Racine Avenue).

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