Pop or Exegetical?

So what’s better, pop or exegetical?

Some Sunday teaching topics fit well in the pop category – it touches a felt need or an issue that everyone can relate to, with Biblical teaching to address it.

Exegetical typically teaches what the Bible has to say, but then works it back into a commentary on what that means for us today.

It could be a lost argument, as we’re essentially talking about starting on one side and working our way to the other either way.

That said, they do feel pretty different.  So what’s you’re favorite?


2 responses to “Pop or Exegetical?

  1. My favorite is the exegetical approach, but I tend to do both, alternating my teaching series from topic-oriented to walking through books of the Bible. How about you, Brian?

  2. 50/50 was about my thinking too. I did back to back pop seri in the fall, and now am doing back to back exegetical seri in the New Year. I think I’ll successfully confuse everyone in the process!

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