All In

What does it take to be “All In” for Jesus?

That is the question at hand as we’ve now entered the season of Lent.  Beyond a time of more fish fries and less chocolate, Lent can be a time when we encounter Jesus in a fresh way.

ALL IN5-web

Lent is the window of 40 days preceding Easter (sans Sundays).  We’ve made it “40” because that number is a staple for spiritual journeys in the Bible.  Noah experienced 40 days of rain when God purged the world of wrongs.  Elijah took 40 days to journey to Mt. Sinai to meet with God.  Most importantly, Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert before launching his public work as the Son of God.  An annual tradition of 40 days reflection, helps us feel the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf.

As reflection would have it, we “get it” best when we find experiences and expressions that parallel what we’re pondering.  A season of sacrifices is therefore appropriate at the time leading into Easter.  

To that effect, Lakepoint Church begins a 6 week series this Sunday titled “All In” –giving your all for the God who gave it all for you.  We’re turning to inspiration from an underutilized (obscure?) book in the Bible for this – Leviticus.  If we can get past the minutia captured in this book, we’ll especially find that the five major sacrifices they turned to have strong parallels to what we experience in Jesus.

February 17 – Submission (Giving It All)

February 24 – Abiding (Waiting It Out)

March 3 – Celebration (All Together)

March 10 – Atonement (Got It Covered)

March 17 – Repentance (Turning It Around)

March 24 – Compensation (Making It Better)

March 29 – Good Friday, 5:30pm

March 31 – Easter Sunday

Services are held at Muskego High School, 10am.  Use the entrance off of Woods Road.

By the way, you can also catch a few shots that Kathy Kohl captured of our Ash Wednesday Experience.


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