Communicating for a Change Book Review

Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley is the best book I’ve read on teaching in Church settings.  He’s got his particulars, that’s for sure, but it’s a great framework for thinking through message prep.

He’s an advocate for “one point” sermons.  Just tell them one thing, with enough repetition and creativity, that it sticks.  That concept has given me freedom and focus in my teaching.

With one point in mind, Stanley suggests a format of ME-WE-GOD-YOU-WE.  Introductions that help people connect with “Me” gives some credibility and voice to listening for the time that follows – and it creates some tension that the listener wants to see resolved.   “We” is a transition to how this topic matters to everyone – not just me.  Then go to what “God” has to teach us on the subject, which should relieve the tension.  Finally, hit a conclusion that aims at individuals (“You”) as well as vision for what the church (“We”) would look like if everyone applies this.


2 responses to “Communicating for a Change Book Review

  1. You’re right. Andy pounds away on one point over and over and over. I tried to take notes on one of his sermons, but I wrote down his first point and he just repeated himself after that! Still…he has a way of getting that one and only point across! I think I like he stuff on leadership best though.

  2. The rest of use three points because we can’t tell the first one as well as he does!

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