Book Review: Richard Florida’s Who’s Your City

Richard Florida did a book called Who’s Your City.  It builds on his prior work Rise of the Creative Class in which he places a city’s potential and future upon the body of creative people in creative fields contained in that city.  Who’s Your City is then about how do you get creative people to your city… and how to get them to stay there.

The book’s primary goal is to dispel the myth that job opportunities are the only thing moving creative people from one city to another.  Yes, this makes a difference, particularly if your city has a track record in their industry of choice.  There are many other aspects to a city’s culture that draws and keeps people.

  1. Aesthetics – was there intentional effort to beautify with architecture, public parks, arts, and urban development?
  2. Services – what’s the quality of schools, health care, rest activities, and religion?
  3. Leadership – is there alignment with the liberal or conservative climate the city’s leaders are known for?
  4. Economic Security – will the jobs there be staying there?
  5. Relationships – is there ample opportunity to meet others from your same walk of life.

Sometimes people have to switch cities to chase a job,  but if they’re going to stay for the long run a list such as this is considered.


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