Is God All Powerful?

It’s a good question, even though the “good church-goer” response is a quick and undivided “yes.”

So the answer is yes, but I think there’s a roundabout layer we need to acknowledge.

God has delegated free-will to people.  In other words, he’s given some power away.  We as his image bearers affect the future.  He’s choosing not to step in and steal the show every time our decisions fall outside of his.   

The fun with free-will is that it’s a temporary delegation, and of course we’ll be held accountable for it.  A time in history will come when God echoes, “STOP! ENOUGH ALREADY!”  At that point free-will is over.  God will judge people according to the use of their free-will; and the consequences of his judgement is something that humanity’s free-will can no longer affect.

Is God all-powerful?  Yes.  He’s chosen to delegate some of his power to humanity for a season, and one day he will take it all back as rightfully his.

Let’s make good use of it on loan in the interim.


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