Risk & Reward for Men

I recently read Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow.  It was a great read.  It primarily gave insight into why there are typically fewer men than women in churches.

Murrow did point a few ways forward though, and I thought one of the more insightful observations on how to speak to men was his recommendation to put things into risk & reward terms.

It’s easy to treat church like tylenol.  Church is a place you find healing and comfort when your hurting.  But it’s more than that too, it’s a place where warriors gather before engaging the battlefield for the kingdom of Jesus.

We need to promise risk.  Jesus insists that a life of faith is a journey of sacrifice.  You have to lose your life to find it.  Anything and everything you have, most likely will be a casualty along the way.

Rewards are an equal promise to the risks.  Life in Jesus is not poverty in all areas; poverty in certain areas is your richness in others.  This is what the flip side of the beatitudes was all about.  This is why Jesus tells his closest followers they’ll receive 100x as much as they lost.  It’s not just a heaven thing.  He said, “In this life, and the life to come.”  Let’s not make Christianity out to be a race to the bottom; it’s actually the way to the top, although the path to get there is quite paradoxical.

Got has given the male spirit the will to thrive within scenarios of loss and gain; risk and reward.  To move his plan forward within men, we need to speak to each other as such.


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