Leading in Times of Flux

Read an interesting article in Fast Company on leadership… keeping up with change and trends that are happening faster than ever.

One of the more interesting themes amongst those interviewed was there comments leadership structure.  Pretty much unanimously, the leaders that have been successful with our ever changing context have been the ones to involve the voice of those from the “bottom.”  In other words, executives aren’t an untouchable class protected by a receptionist and corner office, they listen and invite innovative ideas from a wide range of people.
As much as innovation is welcomed from all, leadership is not.  Top leaders aren’t necessarily making a flat org-chart… there are people at the top; and very few of them.  Change happens with greatest agility with smaller boards and fewer people with decision making capabilities.  Some of the giant corporations have failed to keep up because they can’t pull the trigger fast enough.  The tiny start-ups with less than 50 employees and 1-5 leaders have had a field day in this context and market.
Pair of things I believe non-profit leaders such as myself can take away from this: 1) Listening is a valued practice that never gets old, and 2) Don’t apologize for being leader – someone has to make the call if stuff is going to get done.

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