Siblings… Who Knew it Was a Hot Topic?


I’m in a teaching series right now covering the big topics of immediate family dynamics: Parenting, Marriage/Remarriage, Dating, Siblings.

By far, I expected the sibling topic to be the light one… but I was wrong.  It’s really a major issue for a lot of people.

I shared a message last Sunday from the life of Jacob and Esau… how Jacob was always fighting and stealing to get ahead, and take what was rightfully Esau’s.  I elaborated on how hurtful it is to be caught in rivalry, and what it took for their families to get a second chance at being brothers… 2100 years later.

All sorts of people wanted to talk after the message.  Some siblings wanted to share how hard they had to work at becoming great friends as adults.  Others talked about the hurtful comments and blame game that is still going on.  Parents started catching a picture of how they can mediate amongst their kids and make the relationship healthier.  It was just a flood of comments from a variety of angles.

Is sibling dynamics a hot topic for the people you know?  Is it a relevant concern for you?


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