A Great Day Off

What’s your picture of a great day off? 

I’ve got four things for me…

  1. Nap. More than food, I want my afternoon nap.  I think I should have been born in Spain.
  2. People Time.  I get tired of not having as much time for people as I’d like during the week.  If someone can come over for dessert or watch a good sport event in my living room with me, that’s awesome.  Family movie with the kids – just as good.
  3. Headlines.  I don’t catch much news during the week, so 20 minutes with a magazine or headline articles gives me something fresh and current to pray with God for.
  4. Calendars.  Before the day is over, I like to compare calendars with Melissa on the week ahead… while I’m still rested and got my head on straight.

That’s my four elements for a perfect day off.  Most weeks, two out of four isn’t bad!

How about you?  

 Here’s three questions to help you build a perfect day off.  

  1. Figure out, “Which day works best for my family?”  You’ve got to pick a day or it wont happen.  Weekly is best.  You need.  That’s how God made us.
  2. Ask yourself, “What would a rubber band do today?”  You’ve stretched yourself all week; it’s time to contract.  Whatever you did all week, don’t do it on your day off.  Whatever you didn’t “get to” do all week, do it then.  God made a day off to be our opposite day.
  3. Understand, “How can I rest with a purpose?”  The goal is not the absence of everything as much as it is creating margin for important and restorative things. Make it about God – connecting with him whatever way you do it best.  Make it about people – be more available and engaged.  Make it about refreshing your spirit – it’s cool to do something just for you, that makes you feel fuller.

Most of us have rushed and out-of-control lives.  A weekly day off could change that dramatically.


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