Vince on Evangelism

“Jesus saw the crowds and had compassion on them.  Pray that the Lord will raise up workers for the harvest.”

– It’s kind of like a father’s anxiety after losing a child in a waterpark.

Compassion – greek (splogna) – it’s a word that refers to intestines.  Combined with a verb form, it means that your intestines are being twisted.  You can’t stand it.  You can’t hold it in.

Raise-Up – in greek again, talks about ripping off and pushing out.  It’s almost violent – just a bit less than violently thrusting out.

The best way to develop a passion for lost people, is to be around lost people.  

  1. If you have kids, use them.  Coach something.  Host the gatherings.
  2. Establish regular public rhythms.  Grocery clerk, gas stations, hair cuts.
  3. Start a hobby.  Join a team.  Take some lessons.
  4. Pray.  Ask God to get you around lost people.

Have evangelistic stories and metaphors that you share regularly.  Sentences don’t become part of the way you think, stories do.  Jesus taught in stories.  People should be repeating and paraphrasing their own version.  Having two testimonies you always go back to also helps.

Make the sacrifices that make the DNA around outreach.


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