Bob Franquiz on Marketing and Branding

Don’t just do one thing.  Have multiple ideas on how your church will be made known.


Know who you’re trying to reach.  Too many churches try to reach everyone.  You’re not equipped to reach everyone, so focus on those you are equipped to reach.  Another way to ask this is “Who’s most likely to stay?”  Let’s say you attract other audiences… does it matter if  you aren’t the kind of church they’d stay with?

Merge your marketing, media, and message.  Students don’t get mail, some not even facebook, but Instagram does.  People under 35 don’t listen to the radio.  A shrinking older population gets the paper in print.  Billboards are reminder advertising – corporations use them just to put the branding out after they’ve pumped the message in every other way.  

Use your budget strategically.

Everyone is allergic to boring.  The worst thing is to be ignored.  If people are upset, that’s a much better sign.  Postcard size matters – you need room for content and enough size to capture attention.

Learn from each campaign.  Measure the post-mailer effectiveness.  How many people showed up after?  What feedback and vibe did it generate?

Direct Mail

If you do direct mailers, you have to segment the population.  Aim for the “low hanging fruit.”  Remove segments that would need far more than a postcard to get interested – for example, households that have declared other religions.

Personal invitations must accompany the mailer.


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