Hugh Halter on Incarnational Evangelism

At the current rate, only 20% of the American population will be a part of a church in the next years.  Proclamation is good, but alone it’s not working.

Jesus’ Outreach Approach: Incarnation à Reputation à Conversation à Confrontation

  • Incarnation is the embodiment of the message.  Living the good news in and among people.
  • Reputation is your qualitative difference.  Workplace and neighborhoods.  Jesus had a lot of public fights – you don’t have a voice unless you have a public fight… standing for something.  Jesus was known as “friend of sinners.”
  • Conversation.  “God” oriented conversations start happening.
  • Confrontation – Accepting Jesus is rejecting our own life.

Jesus didn’t just come to die and save us.  It’s not conversion as much as it is adoption.  Jesus’ prayer in John was that they’d be one.  He was looking for inclusion in his family.

Missio’s website has 10 short videos on incarnation and incarnational community.


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