Bill Hybels on “Why Plant?”

Two terrible reasons to plant:

  1. Because you think it’s trending.  There is a rush of enthusiasm around planting, but everyone comes to terms several months in that dozens of people are betting the farm on your leadership toward God.  It’s so much pressure to handle, if you were in it for style.
  2. Because you’re trying to shortcut the developmental process of becoming a lead pastor.

Two terrific reasons to plant:

  1. Because the Holy Spirit has tied a rope around your heart for this.  It should be like Paul, in Ephesus, who couldn’t be dissuaded from going to Jerusalem/Rome.  It’s the certainty of that calling that you need to get you through the long-haul.
  2. Because your church can reach a batch of people far from God that the next church cannot.

Bill planted a church, because he knew that no other church would ever be as radically devoted to evangelism, the way he needed to be to stand before God one day in good conscience.


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