What the Exponential Conference has Me Still Thinking About

I’m still thinking about a few comments and concepts from the Exponential Conference last week.  Hoping to figure out where to go with them next:

  1. Mac Lake said try taking on a new leadership resident – not based on readiness, but willingness.
  2. Vince Antonucci encouraged people to identify the metaphor, and testimony or two, that captures the mission their church?  Sentences don’t become part of the way you think, stories do.  Vince also encouraged pastors to really evaluate their services – rock songs and top ten lists are normal, greeting at the door like wal-mart and not explaining text/songs is not.
  3. Is it about conversion, or adoption?
  4. Jeff Vanderstelt made you think about how to make missional communities about much more than the structure of the gathering, and instead emphasize the quality of the community and formation.
  5. Michael Frost used Colossians to discourage pastors from treating everyone like they have evangelistic gifting… and instead treat everyone like they can live a life worth of questions, and be ready to give a response.
  6. Really loved how Michael Frost and Jeff Vanderstelt represent an all-in posture with God.

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