Throw the Second Punch?

I’m reading a biography on Teddy Roosevelt to my boys.  He’s one of those man’s man kind of guys, and I’d like them to learn from historical hero’s like that.

One of the stories about Teddy that pulled me in, even though I haven’t crossed it in this particular book yet, regards him as a Sunday School teacher.  It wasn’t the warmest moving story about church though.  He was asked to step down from teaching children.  Apparently one of his Sunday School students had a sister who was being bullied.  The boy put up with it for a while, but eventually the boy punched the bully in the nose.  As reward for his sense of justice, Teddy gave him a quarter.  The church was having none of it.

So what do you teach your kids?

Do you want to teach them to be defenders of justice, or to be patient in long-suffering?  


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