Child-Father Prayers

I’ve been reading With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray.  Books on prayer always seem to vitalize my relationship with God.

The chapter from this morning was from Matthew 7:9-11 – that when we pray it’s like a child approaching a father; knowing he will always provide good things in return of a request.

Murray goes on to call this understanding the “secret to prayer,” and I believe he is right. It’s hard to conjure up new faith every day.  If I could stay in right relationship and deeply connected – then I wouldn’t have to go looking for faith.  My son never has to wonder if I’ll take him on new adventures, teach him new things, help him succeed at his favorites in life, or just otherwise provide.  He doesn’t have to wonder because he lives with me, and knows me, and is therefore used to me doing it all the time.

There still is some yearning that goes into this.  Although God is never far off, the lack of face-to-face relationship often forces me outside of my base knowledge of what I know relationships to be.  With God, everything is faith.

One response to “Child-Father Prayers

  1. I read my first book by Andrew Murray this past weekend. His book on humility.

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