I’ve been looking to God lately for spiritual renewal.  Can’t say I’m off track, and perhaps this is just what rest feels like after leading a season of change; but even still I’d like to renew a closeness that I know to be quite real and available to his disciples.

I tried a number of things.  I practiced silence, but that was pretty quiet.  I scheduled more regular quiet time routines, but they felt routine.  I took a couple days to study, and came out with a few good nuggets – but not as much as I’d hope in proportion to the time I put in.

With the help of my darling wife (who always seems to be in cahoots with the Holy Spirit), I’m finding my renewal in faith.  Brilliant.  Right?

Life-practices built around that the conviction that there is a God, and that he is powerfully at work in the world, and will actively do that work in and around and through me when faith and prayer are practiced – that changes everything.  That brings back to relationship that which often drifts over to religion.  Wether it’s the answer to prayers or the waiting on prayers, I can feel my spirit renewed right now by faith.

One response to “Renewal

  1. Yes, the deep action of faith brings us closer to God. How simple! (But hard.)

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