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Nuggets from Exponential 2015

Had a great time at the Exponential Conference last week.  I really think it was the best year yet!  Here’s my condensed notes… a paragraph from most of the main session speakers:

Danielle Strickland told stories about the importance of letting people see us bleed. Discipleship needs to be from and for real humans.

Joby Martin explained the importance of lead pastors, handing over the keys to new pastors out of a vision for the next generation.

Steve Murrell was a very compelling speaker. He emphasized that our commission is to make disciples, and God’s job is the build the church. Just focus on discipleship. We really don’t need to worry about the organization and church growth structures. He’s grown a planting movement of 90,000 in Manila.

Steve Stroope told his story of the great commission, realizing the need to partner globally and plant in influential American urban centers.   Continue reading


Jeff Vanderstelt on Launching and Leading Missional Communities

It had to be life on life, in community, on mission.  Jeff setout to start a church where everyone would have to be on the frontline of mission.

Why Missional Community?

You need community.  Love (the most potent good news of Jesus) doesn’t get expressed without relationship.  Community is the apologetic and the hermeneutic – the love is the proof that God is real among you, and also the means by which you learn who God is.

Community without mission is codependency.  You can’t exist simply to be needed.   Continue reading

Michael Frost on Who is an Evangelist

Word’s are necessary.  Unexplained deeds, in and of themselves, don’t represent the gospel.

Lessons from Colossians:

There are gifted evangelists with trans-local callings.  There are also gifted evangelists with local church-based callings.

Paul requests prayer that people use these gifts, with boldness.

Why does Paul ask for prayers as an evangelist, without reciprocating prayers for them as evangelists?  Frost argues that Paul doesn’t believe that everyone is able to pry open doors as local or trans-local evangelists.  Frost therefore thinks, that everyone else isn’t expected to be gifted evangelists, who pry open doors, but instead that they’re supposed to answer questions.

But do you live a questionable life?  Would someone have questions about your life, or do you live as commonly as everyone else?   Continue reading

Communicating in Marriage… While Church Planting

Melissa and I are speaking at an Exponential Workshop this morning.  The talk is called Communicating in Marriage… While Church Planting.  If you’re in the seminar this morning, or are just reading about it here, this is our Handout for Communicating in Church Planting, and additional notes are below to fill in the blanks…

Every marriage has a common set of issues, and every church plant has a common set of issues.  Combine those together and there are some specific hot buttons that the church planting marriage needs to communicate over.   Continue reading

Bob Franquiz on Marketing and Branding

Don’t just do one thing.  Have multiple ideas on how your church will be made known.


Know who you’re trying to reach.  Too many churches try to reach everyone.  You’re not equipped to reach everyone, so focus on those you are equipped to reach.  Another way to ask this is “Who’s most likely to stay?”  Let’s say you attract other audiences… does it matter if  you aren’t the kind of church they’d stay with?

Merge your marketing, media, and message.  Students don’t get mail, some not even facebook, but Instagram does.  People under 35 don’t listen to the radio.  A shrinking older population gets the paper in print.  Billboards are reminder advertising – corporations use them just to put the branding out after they’ve pumped the message in every other way.   Continue reading

Hugh Halter on Incarnational Evangelism

At the current rate, only 20% of the American population will be a part of a church in the next years.  Proclamation is good, but alone it’s not working.

Jesus’ Outreach Approach: Incarnation à Reputation à Conversation à Confrontation

  • Incarnation is the embodiment of the message.  Living the good news in and among people.
  • Reputation is your qualitative difference.  Workplace and neighborhoods.  Jesus had a lot of public fights – you don’t have a voice unless you have a public fight… standing for something.  Jesus was known as “friend of sinners.”
  • Conversation.  “God” oriented conversations start happening.
  • Confrontation – Accepting Jesus is rejecting our own life.

Jesus didn’t just come to die and save us.  It’s not conversion as much as it is adoption.  Jesus’ prayer in John was that they’d be one.  He was looking for inclusion in his family.

Missio’s website has 10 short videos on incarnation and incarnational community.

Bob Franquiz on Evangelistic Preaching

Evangelistic Preaching Is Not…

  1. You don’t have to water down the message to preach evangelistically.  Be as exegetical as you want – just make it engaging.
  2. Evangelistic Preaching is not limited to people who don’t believe.  Believers need to hear the gospel the most.
  3. You don’t have to preach to felt needs.  You can though.

Evangelistic Preaching Is…   Continue reading