Groups Coach

A small group is 8-20 people gathering over food, conversations, life issues, and a pursuit of Jesus.  While Sunday mornings start with the Bible and move toward life, the hands-on dialog approach of groups get to start with life and move toward the Bible.  Nothing makes a bigger difference in spiritual formation than communal momentum.

For me, nothing has been as formative in my walk with Jesus as the people he’s place in my life.

Small Group Model Discussion

Variation from one group to another has little to do with stylistic differences; its about a growing vision and next level leadership.

Discipleship Model Discussion

Groups are great for learning and great for relationships, but both fall short in eternal value if a group does not achieve discipleship.  Join the discussion here on how to achieve Jesus’ most fundamental calling in small group settings.

Tips & Dialog on Leading a Group

We’ve all got are our questions… here is where we can share in the answers.


  • Joel Comiskey has done his homework on small groups like no other.
  • Xenos – if you want to see what small groups look like on steroids, check these guys out.  Make a point of attending their Summer Institute – you won’t find a better small group conference for your dollar.
  • Christianity Today Small Group Articles
  • Simple Small Groups – Bill Search and Southeast Christian Church are putting out some very concise resources.
  • Big Idea about Small Groups– Eric Metcalf and Community Christian Church maintain a fresh look at the small group scene.

Point Leaders

If you are small group coach or leader of small group leaders, you will find these book reviews and resources a helpful reference.