Choosing a Discussion Topic

Here approaches I have seen small group leaders take toward choosing a topic for discussion. 

Southeast Christian Church has put together a Small Group Curriculum Finder which I’ve found helpful.

Kristen Admiraal recommends short topics. There is nothing worse than getting stuck with a topic that turns out to be a dud!

Ken & Karen Bingham recommend sticking with books of the Bible. You can’t beat challenging people with the Word. Especially consider the “tougher” books that probably won’t be covered on a Sunday.

Carol Hirschoff recommends the classics. Rather than the current pop books that come and go, find a classic on the topic that has stood the test of time.

Kay Foulke recommends surrounding yourself with resources on whatever topic you choose. There are videos, commentaries, and other helpful materials on just about anything you want to discuss.

Dennis Capraro and George Tregaskis tend to seek a balance between Scripture study and a complimentary guide or book study.

Dave & Marilyn White recommend asking the group what they’d like to discuss. If everyone has been together for a while, they can probably find a valuable topic just as well as you can.

Sue Simmons recommends topics on prayer or worship. Cover the stuff that will bring them close to the heart of God.

Brent & Ericka Howard recommend whatever material has changed you. If God spoke to you through a study, he’ll probably use it to speak to somebody else.

I personally recommend starting where the group is at. If you know the dominant issues that people in your group need to work on, your topic has essentially been decided for you.

How do you pick your discussion topics?


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