Dealing with Decline

Here’s what you could try when attendance flounders, discussions turn routine, and energy levels goes flat…

Consider merging with another group. A fresh mix of participants and shared leadership between co-leaders should give the group a whole new feel.

Figure out how to serve together. You could all sign up for the same ministry team, or commit to a monthly service project. Shared goals give groups a reason to exist. Your group may be in decline because you’ve served each other so well that there is no reason to be a group until someone else exists to be served.

Go crazy with invitations. Adding a few new people could cover the first two suggestions above. Don’t wait for the church to send you new members, look around, make new friends, and start inviting.

Spread out with an outreach model. Maybe you are another one of the people at Christ’s Church who are hearing from God to reach out to neighbors, coworkers, friends, etc… If your group is on board as well, you could send them out to be Jesus in their local community, and then bring them back every six weeks or so to share what God is doing.

Share new ideas. There is always another group going through the same thing. Learn from where the last person has been.

Try the Re-Group Curriculum. This four week DVD small group guide teaches your group how to be a healthy group.

It may sound weird, but you could even consider shutting down the group. God may have brought the group together for reasons that are now fulfilled. There is no shame in acknowledging this and sending out your members to explore on their own the next season that God has in mind for them.

Ask God some tough questions. Chances are good that God has something to say about every heavy thing you have on your heart.

Anything else you are thinking of trying to deal with decline?


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