Praying as a Group

Here is how I have seen small group leaders bring prayer into their groups…

Al Zanger gives each group an open mic before they pray. Too often in group settings, people withhold important self disclosure because that week’s topic was not conducive to bringing it up. Other times, people do not talk about their real self because they are not specifically asked. Al’s formula is a great way of making sure that people can express the problems/concerns from their week if they desire to do so.

Mike and Mary-Lynn Hemberger pray for the Holy Spirit to be present in their home each night before their group arrives. The process of spiritual formation begins before a word is ever spoken between participants.

Carol Hirschoff ends each small group with members writing down their prayer request. Each member leaves with a random piece of paper which discloses the prayer needs of another. They pray for each other until the next gathering.

Dennis Capraro and George Tregaskis take a similar approach to Carol’s yet they also ask each person to contact the person they are praying for. This adds some depth and expectation to the prayers. It also helps build community between gatherings.

Carol Capraro celebrated Passover with her group on two occasions. Not only would this experience bring Biblical history to life for your group, it could also put your group in position to pray Jesus’ final prayers recorded in John 17.


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