Summer Downtime

Many groups take a break for the summer, but you can take advantage of this downtime as a leader to prepare for things ahead…

Read a book to challenge or expand your thinking. Organic Church by Neil Cole will stretch your concept of Small Groups; Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell will stretch your concept of Christianity.

Just think Jesus. Stop thinking about the kingdom for a week/weekend and just focus on the King. Your love for Jesus is all that matters in the end.

Treat yourself to whatever refreshes you. Remember that Jesus regularly drew away from the crowds to rest with his disciples. After a year of small group ministry, no one should be ashamed of treating yourself and setting aside downtime.

Pray for direction rather than plan your direction. Summer offers us two-three months were we can step back from the routine of group maintenance and ask God where he really wants the group to go.

Daydream the possibilities. If you could do anything with your group and know that God would make it succeed, what would you do? Answering this will help you explore possibilities you never thought possible.

Party with your group. Summer tends to be more of a go-with-the-flow time, so don’t fight the tide. Have group members organize some social times that would not happen in the regular gatherings.

Double Plan a full year of Small Group topics.  We all come into the fall with our best ideas and preparation for discussion topics.  Instead of fizzling out with fresh ideas in January-March, dare to come up with enough material to last a full year.  If God changes plans on you, great; but take advantage of this think time plan as far ahead as possible.


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