Books on Atonement

Study Guides & Workbooks

Just Walk Across the Room Book & Study Guide.  In Just Walk Across the Room, Bill Hybels brings personal evangelism into the twenty-first century with a natural and empowering approach modeled after Jesus himself–leaving your “Circle of Comfort” and extending hands of care, compassion, and inclusiveness to people who might need a touch of God’s love today.

Introducing Jesus by Peter Scazzero.  Helps to start a study group with people who are “investigating” Christianity.

Books, Reviews, and Notes

Out of the Salt Shaker & Into the Worldby Rebecca Manley Pippert.  Stresses evangelism as a lifestyle.  Shows you how stories, biblical insight and common sense helps us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing our faith.  Click here for Book Notes by Carol Hirschoff

Becoming a Contagious Christianby Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel & Bill Hybels.  Designed to help you develop a lifestyle and testimony for evangelism.  Click here for Book Notes by Brian Hofmeister.

Effective Invitation by Alan Streett.  Discusses the value and methodology of alter calls.  I was a sceptic going in, but he does make some very strong points. Click here for Book Notes by Brian Hofmeister

Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult by Nick Pollard.  Helps you intellectually engage spiritual philosophizers.  Click here for Book Notes by Brian Hofmeister

Books by Lee Strobel.  Retracing his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith, this former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune challenges experts with doctorates with questions in the quest for truth.  Great for the curious and the skeptical.


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