Authorship: Paul (1.1) writes around AD 63 (same time as I Timothy), to one person, on his way to wintering in Nicopolis (3.1), although many have casted doubts due to variance in vocabulary and style. Many questions arise because this book is written in a time after the Acts account of Paul’s life (Philippians 1.13 & 2.23-24 anticipated his release from imprisonment in Rome – an event the proceeded Acts).


Church of Crete. Asceticism is a dominant false teaching, therefore Paul emphasizes doing good.


The Church of Crete is struggling with false teachers and has the newly appointed leader of Titus, therefore Paul turns around and writes a similar letter to Titus after addressing Timothy. Unlike the Church of Ephesus which I Timothy speaks to, the Church of Crete is new. Therefore we find explanation before correction, and a tone that is less desperately concerned.


Encourage Titus, establish standards for church leadership selection, and combat false teaching.

How to Read it

This is a great book for emphasizing “doing good.”


I. Qualifications for Elders (1.5-9)

II. Addressing False Teachers (1.10-16)

III. Godly Living for various Social Groups (young/old, men/women/slaves) (2)

IV. Devotion to Good Deeds (3) – read 3.8 do good


Great for mentoring relationships and understanding necessary character of a Christian leader.


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