New Testament Narrative (Acts)

Acts in Salvation History

The time has come in redemption history for the blessed nation of Jews to be a blessing to all nations.  Gentile nations will now receive their redemption.  Nothing can stop this.  Acts unfolds six successive layers of gospel expansion, leading to a church movement that predominantly includes the previously excluded Gentiles.  Jewish people predominantly drove this movement while Gentile nations predominantly received the blessings of salvation; thus fulfilling the initial call and promise to Abraham in Genesis 12.1-3.

How to Read Acts

Note the point of view change to “we” as of Chapter 16.  Luke’s account becomes more vivid as he journals his travels with Paul.  Read Acts as the second part to the one story Luke began in writing his gospel.  He intended the final product to be read as a two scroll unit.

Above all else, observe the unstoppable momentum of the gospel and the key transition in Salvation History being presented.  See Acts Study Worksheet.


Chart of Kingdom Expansion in Acts

Study Worksheet