Discussion on Poetic Books

Opening Exercise: Have everyone quietly reflect on the following Psalms as their words to God: 40.11-14 (Lament), 30.4-5 (Thanksgiving), 145.15-19 (Praise), 23.4 (Trust).  Ask them which connect most with their heart and why.

Why is the church so hesitant to talk about sex?  How should we talk about sex?  What perspectives on sexuality do we have that would entice the world?  How can we buy back the value of sex in the church and in the world?

What role does suffering play in the process of spiritual formation?  How will the book of Job help you minister to those who are suffering?

Who would you recommend the book of Ecclesiastes to?  Would this book help or hurt a depressed person?  How could you counsel people from this book?

Talk about the role of “practical living” in discipleship.  Use someone from your group as an example of where a proverb – wisdom for practical living – would be helpful.

Describe what outreach contexts would well utilize each poetic book individually.

What type of Psalm would speak to you most right now?


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