The book of Job is the oldest Biblical book to be put in writing. Date of actual composition is uncertain. The events of Job took place in the Patriarch era.

Job and his companions discuss the false presupposition that every happening of life, whether good and ill, is product of how well you have pleased God. As you read it, know the perspectives represented by every character but God is wrong.

The book of Job raises two questions: Q: Will man love God without benefits? Q: Will man be content without an equal share in God’s wisdom? Wisdom is in God alone… the book closes with God silencing all parties and not imparting any answers.


I. Prologue (1-2)

II. Three Dialog/Disputes from Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar toward/from Job (3-27) – each dialog gets shorter and increasingly blunt.

III. Discourse on “Where does wisdom come from?” (28)

IV. Three monologues (29-41)

a. Job (29-31)

b. Elihu (32-37)

c. God (38-41)

V. Epilogue (42)


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