Author and His Times

Amos, a shepherd from Tekoa, prophesied against religious syncretism (blending of opposing religious ideas) and social injustice (especially the injustices of the rulers’ wives) for a very short time in Israel, beginning around 760 BC, the peak of King Jeroboam II’s reign.  Due to the unprecedented success of Jeroboam II’s reign and the fact that Assyria has not achieved world dominance by the start of Amos’ ministry, no on anticipated danger.


I. (1-6) Oracles

II. (7-9) Visions


Scarcely prophesies comfort.  Amos is the first prophet of the kind that comprises the OT – Elijah and Elisha were miracle workers, Jonah wasn’t fully in oracle format.  No other book addresses social justice with the focus and thoroughness of Amos.

How to Read It

Note the solutions for social justice.


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