Discussion on the Major Prophets

Opening Exercise:  Have everyone discuss what high school and/or college was like for them (pick one).  What did you do for fun?  What fashion was in?  What constituted dating?  What phrases were common?  How different would you write a note/letter then vs. now?  If we gathered a then and now letter from each person in the room on the same topic, mixed them all up, and handed them out, how important would knowing your author’s context be to the understanding of the letter?  This illustrates how difficult prophetic book comprehension is until we research the context.

How would you prepare and teach lessons on the foretelling of Jesus in Isaiah?

How does end times prophecy in Daniel affect everyday Christian living?

What kinds of suffering would be counseled well by utilizing the Jeremiah?  the book of Lamentations?

What could you learn from Ezekiel to help you communicate the gospel to lost people?


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