Author and His Times

Jonah prophesied in Israel at some point during the reign of Jeroboam II (790-755 BC). Jeroboam II was a very successful King of Israel who extended borders and trade to a level unprecedented in Israel’s History.  Bitter nationalism in Israel would have welcomed Jonah’s message, yet God turns this upside down by sending Jonah to the capital Assyria, the cruelest nation, to offer them repentance.


I. (1) Call and Flight of Jonah

II. (2) Prayer and Thanks for Deliverance

III. (3) Jonah Preaches in Nineveh, Nineveh Repents

IV. (4) Jonah’s Anger toward God


Instead of a compiled collection of oracles, Jonah is written in narrative form.  Jonah may have been the only prophet to preach destruction of foreign nations on foreign soil.  This book may be more helpful than any other to help you accept the grace God grace gives to your enemies.

How to Read It

Read Jonah like a parable – be drawn in by the story and stung by tough questions at the end.  Note the mercy/compassion that is added to our theology of wrath.


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