Organic Churches & House Churches

Simple Churches have also been called house churches, organic churches, third place communities – the name does not really matter, what matters is that their idea of church is so simple that any believer can do it.  Innovating simple churches is one key way to mobilize a “priesthood of all believers” and incarnate the gospel amongst those who will never visit a Sunday service to hear it.  It may be premature to scrap Sunday services, but every church would do well to birth a network of simple churches under their umbrella as Sunday service effectiveness continues to decline.


The Dirt on Organic – Brian’s article on the Root48 House Church exprience, published by Leadeship Journal.

Root48 Organic Church Model

Xenos – These guys are getting the job done. They have been most influential in my personal attempts at doing house churches. Make a point of attending their Summer Institute – you won’t find a better conference for your dollar.

Start here for a list of national/international examples of simple churches, or sign-up here with Frank Viloa’s initiative to link up like minded people.

Book Notes

Organic Church – Neil Cole is known for “Raising the bar on discipleship while lowering the bar on church.” This book will help you see how church can happen anywhere relationships are taking place.

Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson


House2House Network – This online forum is the best interactive venue I’ve found for exploring house church issues.  

Simple Church – interactive network for simple churchers

House Church Resource – Limited in it’s contributors, but helpful.

New Monasticism – a sharp angle on doing simple church.


One response to “Organic Churches & House Churches

  1. Nice site!
    I think you would appreciate my blog too.
    Been housechurching and planting for 30 years now.
    My blog is about Jesus, church and life in general
    with a Star Trek theme.

    Christopher “Captain ” Kirk

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