Missional DNA

“Missional” is a label for churches and individuals that are defining faith in Jesus by what they do for a world of lost people.  It’s more than helping someone else, it’s living to help someone else.  It’s more than welcoming people to our turff, it’s sending the gospel/church to theirs.  It’s more than a faith that believes, it’s a faith that obeys.   

I do not know of any issue more crucial in Christianity at this day and time than restoring the Missional DNA of Jesus.

Book Notes & Articles on Missional Paradigms

The Shaping of the Things to Come by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost – Book Notes

Alan’s first book is probably the best at deconstructing your false assumptions on “church,” and establishing a new paradigm for innovating missional churches.

Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch – Book Notes

Alan’s second book shows much progression and development of his original paradigm, and leans a little more toward delivering practical principles.

APEST Leadership Model and Assessment Tool by Alan Hirsch

A key flaw that prevents our churches from going missional is a poor balance of gifts amongst its leaders.  We give full time pastoral positions to shepherds and teachers, while hiding or out-casting the apostles, prophets, and evangelists.  This article and assessment tool will help you discern the necessary gift mix for a missional church.

Blogs on Missional Paradigms

  • Forgotten Ways– Alan Hirsch on missional insights
  • Shapevine– excellent leadership network for missional innovation
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