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Marketing What God Is Up To

How do you feel when I use this combination of words: Church Marketing.

I almost lost my dinner the first time I tried to stomach it, but then I was swayed to the other side.

In planting Lakepoint Church, a mentor asked me, “How many people are in Muskego, the city you are trying to reach?”

“26,000.” I had done my homework.

“How many have joined your ‘Launch Team,’ to start the church?”

“About 60.”

“If those 60 were to do a really great job telling their friends about Jesus, and the church, and everything else, how many do you think they’d each reach? Maybe 10?”

“That would be awesome!” I thought. But I should have seen myself getting backed into a corner.

“That’s 660 people. What are you going to do to let the other 25,340 people know that there’s a church for them where they can find God?”

I didn’t have an answer. Continue reading


Solution Branding

Just read a fantastic article by Joel Rubinson on where company branding is going.  People aren’t into special “features,” they want “solutions.”  It’s a double bonus when your solution can be attached to a cause.  For example, people stand for real beauty when they buy a bar of Dove soap.

This has been further inspiration to where my churchis going.  We’re going further and further from “selling” seeker sensitivity as our feature.  Instead we are becoming a church that Serves the World with the World.  If people want to stand for that, they’ll want to come along for the ride.