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Why Triad’s for Discipleship?

Greg Ogden’s book, Transforming Discipleship, is an outstanding look at Biblical models of discipleship, followed by a contemporary “triad” model that condenses the Biblical approach.  His “triad” proscription is the perfect complement to the discipleship taking place in small group setting.  My only critique is that his specific systems and curriculum suggestions take away much of the organic nature these relationships could have.

Ogden encourages same-sex triads.  He emphasizes triads because pairs foster hierarchy/dependency, and limit interaction/varying perspectives.  He encourages these relationships to be same-sex, due to the intimate nature that is fostered.

Ogden boasts a 75% multiplication rate for triads, while pairs rarely multiply.  Page 137 is a nice diagram showing how one disciple who disciples another to disciple another every year will bypass and blow away an evangelist’s reach in 12 years even if they reach a new soul daily.

Three ingredients that need to take place in the triads to make them transforming environments include: 1) Transparent Trust (Safety and Affirmation fosters Confession and therefore Repentance), 2) God’s Truth (Corrects, Directs, Trains), and 3) Mutual Accountability (Support and Challenge).