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Nuggets from Exponential 2015

Had a great time at the Exponential Conference last week.  I really think it was the best year yet!  Here’s my condensed notes… a paragraph from most of the main session speakers:

Danielle Strickland told stories about the importance of letting people see us bleed. Discipleship needs to be from and for real humans.

Joby Martin explained the importance of lead pastors, handing over the keys to new pastors out of a vision for the next generation.

Steve Murrell was a very compelling speaker. He emphasized that our commission is to make disciples, and God’s job is the build the church. Just focus on discipleship. We really don’t need to worry about the organization and church growth structures. He’s grown a planting movement of 90,000 in Manila.

Steve Stroope told his story of the great commission, realizing the need to partner globally and plant in influential American urban centers.   Continue reading