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Winning the War, and Losing the Battle

It doesn’t feel great to win the war, when you’ve lost the last battle.

Five weeks back, I baptized a young man named Eric Kleist at Lakepoint Church… this week I did the memorial service for his suicide.

His baptism was legit.  He was genuinely on fire for Jesus. Always reading, always confessing, always leaning into God for becoming a better person.  He’d comment on all my messages.  Just days before his passing, he sent me a strong email urging me to preach baptism more strongly at Lakepoint.  His foundation of faith in Jesus meant so much to him, that he wanted everyone else to experience the same.

Eric went off of medications for his mental illness around the time of his baptism, which explains the suicide just weeks after.

Here’s the eye opener for me: you’re never done fighting the battles, even if you’ve won the war.  Eric was rock solid and on track with Jesus.  There’s isn’t any more you could look for in a new believer.  The war for Eric’s life was won.  Satan didn’t concede though, and won the last battle.   Continue reading