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Idol Hearts

Idolatry is an issue all over the Bible.  All the prophetic books tackle the issue, and most of the historical narrative books as well.  If you’re reading anywhere the Old Testament, it’s likely that you’re reading about idolatry; man setting up gods for themselves other than the one true God.

I wonder how far off from idolatry we are today.  Although God, through sending captivity and exile upon his people, successfully purged Judah from the worship of inanimate objects in the 6th Century B.C., it’s just hard for me to believe that an issue so entrenched in human history would ever be gone entirely.

Idol worship seems primitive to today’s Western vantage point.  Christian or not, we’d resonate quite readily with God’s words through Isaiah, narrating the scarcity of reason in forming an idol.  Continue reading